Beast Legends – Smok

Written by: on Thursday, September 16th, 2010

You know, I didn’t really intend on making a comment on every episode but with this episode focused on the development of a fire breathing dragon, I just had to say something! This episode, the team decided to focus on a story in Poland about a dragon named Smok that was killed and his bones hung on the outside of a church.

I told a friend, “Watch – they’re going to take pictures and have them identified.” but nope, they pretty much figured it out on the spot. “That looks like the jaw of a whale, skull of a rhino…” They popped the dimensions in and the end result was a huge overweight blimp dragon.

To keep developing their dragon, they looked at gators, snakes, bats, dinosaur prints, Gar Fish – Funny thing about that. When they caught a little gator to understand the scales on the back, they realized the stomach was soft and vulnerable. My friend suggested that they look at Gar Fish for that. She was disappointed when they also had the same idea shortly later…

In the end, their dragon was done and I didn’t care much for it. Don’t get me wrong. I like it. It’s just not a dragon. It looks like a komodo dragon and a sugar glider got together one night and the end result was… whatever they created.

SyFy’s site isn’t really reliable but you can see the gallery of it here: Fire Lizard Beast Evolution
The reason the first sketch is so weird is because they were trying to recreate the dragon as the people saw it. The jaw bone of the whale was supposedly the rib of the dragon – hence why it’s so blimpy. The fourth image is the dragon they decided on, some sort of sugar glider komodo dragon descendant. Komodo Glider?

Side note: Overweight blimp dragons are awesome.

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