Excellent practice.

Written by: on Thursday, September 16th, 2010

With the harmony charms tucked in a small leather pouch and safely deposited in his pants pocket, Sajon grabbed the crinkled note from his desk and bid farewell to Caspar on his way out. A quick glance to the crisp blue sky told him that the weather was going to be nice today.

“Wait! Master!” Caspar pleaded as he came down the front steps, “Romin isn’t here! Shouldn’t you wait for him to come back?”

A slight smile pulled at Sajon’s lips as he shook his head. “No. It’s beautiful today so I don’t think you have anything to worry about. web analysis Besides, I taught you how to reach out to him with your mind. Give that a try if you need help.”

“He doesn’t like replying to me.” Caspar whined. Suddenly he straightened up as a new thought occurred to him. “Either that or I’m not doing it right.  … No! I know I’m doing it right. I’m sure he doesn’t like me.”

“I have a delivery to make, Caspar.”

The apprentice didn’t seem to have any confidence and the wizard sensed that. Sajon placed a reassuring hand on Caspar’s shoulder and said, “One day you’ll be looking over these people with no one to help you. As you know, my master was indisposed pretty early on and I was forced to feel my way through things. This will make excellent practice for you.”

Caspar nodded slowly as he recalled Sajon‘s master. He wasn’t quite sure who did it but he remembered the rumors flying around school about a wizard amongst them that had been shrunk to a small size by a djinn. Imagine! To be forced to live a life where your height was only a few mere inches!

“Okay then. Good luck.” Sajon nodded before he departed down the street.

Caspar watched him go, fearing that an unwanted situation would rear its ugly head in mere seconds after the departure of his master. Looking around him, he said a small prayer before he fled into the house and slammed the door.

Later that night, one of Caspar’s worst fears came to life. After making a sandwich and heading into the living room, he froze as he saw an onyx-skinned djinn lounging on the couch.

“Hey,” Kanut chuckled, “Where’s Sajon?”

“I uh… I um… He’s not here.”

“I kinda figured that out when I couldn’t join him.” Kanut groused, “So where did he go?”

“You can’t join him? Doesn’t that mean-?” Caspar asked as he sat down in a nearby chair with the plate in his lap.

“Yes. Answer the question already! No wonder he finds you so annoying!”

Caspar shrugged helplessly. “He was delivering something to Wildwood.”

“Well, he isn’t there anymore, kid.”

Unfortunately the apprentice could only shrug again as he had no more answers to give. Caspar glanced down but was surprised to see that his plate was empty. When he looked up, he saw the djinn chewing heartily on his sandwich.

“Mmm… A bit dry but still good. Thanks!” Kanut cheered and saluted with the sandwich. “Think you can get me something to drink too?”

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