Day 2 of NaNoWriMo

Written by: on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

I don’t expect to blog every day about NaNoWriMo so… Heh!

I knew how the story was going to start so it was easy to get that pounded out yesterday. Today was a different story. I spent hours and hours and hours just trying to… really… get… words out. I kept getting up and going outside and doing random things before coming back to the computer to struggle with another paragraph. Once I got the paragraph down, I got up and did something else or surfed the net or… Oh man.

My word count for today: 1987 words. I met the 1667 daily word limit.

I decided that anything beyond 1667 is pure icing. Anything I write after 1667 words can not be used towards the next day’s limit – if that makes sense. I can’t just write 2000 words and then the next day, stop at 1300 words with the excuse that I wrote an extra 300+ words yesterday.

Icing is fattening. It’s like putting on fat for the winter when things get all covered with snow and little-to-no food can be found. It’ll tide me over. I need to make the extra effort if I can! Just in case I miss a day and I won’t suffer a huge setback.

Already I created new random characters and one character showed up that I didn’t expect. He’s not going to stay around long too long. I don’t think.

That brings my total word count to: 3976 *two thumbs up* Doing good so far!

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