Day 4 of NaNoWriMo

Written by: on Thursday, November 4th, 2010

I’ve been looking through the forums of NNWM after I got stumped on how to write telepathy. The idea of using ” ” for telepathy would be a pain in my side because I’d have to keep stating that it’s being done mentally. I can’t stand italics and using italics would be a bit dangerous in case it got pasted into NotePad. I finally settled on using / / but I still posted in the Fantasy Forum just to see what others do. So far it seems like people say that it’s nothing special. Use what’s easy now and fix it later if it needs to be changed. I’ll have to see what the new replies are tomorrow!

I also saw an article about NaNoWriMo tools & survival kits that people use. I don’t get the fingerless glove thing (Gotta be a Northerner thing or something.) but besides the obvious – music – I do have one other thing that I use. A Dungeons & Dragons DVD! I know the movie is bad. I keep hearing that the movie was terrible. I know. The first time I saw this movie on HBO or Starz way back in 2001 or so, it felt like I was watching someone’s RPG and that got me in the mood to write. A friend bought the DVD for me just for NNWM. If I find myself watching tv more than I’m staring at Word, I switch over to the DVD and that makes me look at Word more.

It doesn’t stop me from banging my head on the desk and trying to figure out what happens next. It’s good though! Sometimes I think of something at the last second and it just connects to the next thing but it means tons more thinking to get to the next stepping stone. Phew. What’s exciting is when I create a new character that joins the cast without me meaning to.

I did meet and exceed my daily 1,667 words goal yesterday and today and that brings me to 7,728 words.

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  1. avatar Richard Crowl says:

    Sounds like you’re doing great! Whatever works for you is what matters. As for the telepathy bit, I use // myself. It’s easy typing, and it’s similar to quote marks, which pleases me. It’s good that you’re looking for input though. I don’t know if there’s a conventional way to do it or not. If you get any answers, I hope you post about it here. =)

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