Halfway through NaNoWriMo

Written by: on Monday, November 15th, 2010

It’s halfway through the month. I never expected to make it this far. Excluding today, I have written 27,304 words thus far. I’m still working on today’s goal. I guess I didn’t mention it but what I do is that I start a fresh Word document every day just to make sure I’m reaching my 1,667 daily word goal. This also prevents my inner editor from leaping out and making me mess up any earlier work. If I recall something I forgot or desperately need to fix, I just drop a note into notepad and move on. This might save me at the end of the month if the NNWM site claims I have a lower word count (I hear horror stories about people ending up with thousands less from the site’s word counter than what Word told them.).

Just… wow, the fact that I even made it halfway through the month and the word count is pretty neat. I expected to quit a few days in but I just couldn’t so I kept going. It’s probably beginner’s luck. I think I’m halfway through my story. I think. I know some people had outlines, plots that they knew were going to happen and they’re able to pace themselves through the story as the days pass. I’m flying blind here. I know I’m not at the end of my story but that could change quickly if my characters react in ways I didn’t expect just yet.

My story has already drastically changed. I had characters that were supposed to go elsewhere and start something that would build up to a huge problem but instead they ended up trailing after other characters and different events happened. Before you know it, someone’s getting killed and I have a time lapse.

The time lapse worries me. When I used to role play a lot, I had this really bad habit of doing time lapses just to get to the next interesting scene. I’ve fought all my usual RP urges through this story. It seems I’ve reached a point where a time lapse is being called for. I don’t know whether to stick to the present and have something unfold or focus on a character and do a time lapse so that it’s disorienting to him when he comes back. I don’t know how a reader would perceive time lapses – if they’re annoying or whatever. I don’t know.

I can’t wait for the end of the month. To have the bare bones of a story that I hammered out is pretty neat. Still not looking forward to the idea of editing it though.

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