50 Book Challenge

Written by: on Monday, December 20th, 2010

I keep hearing more and more about this challenge from friends so I got to thinking that since I did awesome during NaNoWriMo, maybe I’ll take up this challenge where the goal is to read at least fifty books in one year. I’m not a reader. I have no patience to open a book and make it to the end.

I remember when I first started roleplaying way back, people would be surprised that I didn’t have any favorite authors. I never read anything. This got me to thinking that maybe I should start picking up some books but…

During roleplaying, I discovered that it was pretty fun to write. I’ve always liked writing and it was starting to become a possibility that I could try to write something. I don’t see myself becoming a professional author or anything!

That’s when the idea of reading books became scary. Everything I role-played and wrote was purely from my own imagination. I’m worried that if I read all these books, I’ll start dismissing my own stuff. “Oh, he wrote that first. She wrote that and it’s terribly famous. That was already done with so I can’t do this.”

It’s sort of weird. If I wrote something and someone else says, “It’s just like what he wrote.” I can just shrug and say, “Cool.” because I thought of it myself too. But if I already read the book that was mentioned, I would probably react and think, “I knew I shouldn’t have written that! They were going to compare it to that book!”

I think I’ll embark on that journey for 2011 though.

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