Exploring Dragon World

Written by: on Thursday, January 13th, 2011

I got bored late last night and decided to venture into the free little world that was given to those who registered a year of cit during the Activeworlds sale.  I didn’t see ‘Dragon’ listed so I was like… “Try ‘Dragon’. If the world name isn’t taken, hooray!” and it turns out it wasn’t. The world is P5/5 so it’s pretty small. I just didn’t realize how small it was until I started tinkering with everything. The four ‘street’ objects in the image are there to demonstrate how far objects can go. I ended up plunging the whole world under water and created a tiny island in the middle. This free world lasts a year and I am not renewing it so I won’t put much effort into it! hehe. I think when I’m bored again, I might try building something in the water. Who knows?

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