What is AW? – Extreme Builder Talent Show 4

Written by: on Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

What is ActiveWorlds?
I was asked to explain what ActiveWorlds is. I normally blog about AW at my very old tripod site (Blog) but I guess I can start blogging about it here! It’s a universe where you can build to your heart’s content. Tourists can build for free but anyone can delete your builds. No one can delete a Citizen’s build except for the ‘higher ups’, of course. I joined back in 1998 as a tourist but then registered for citizenship ($20 yearly) when I got sick of my builds being deleted.

Then in early 2002, the price of citizenship shot up to $6.95 per month and that’s when the community has been in decline since. It’s pretty quiet nowadays compared to what it was like back then. Because I couldn’t afford to keep my own citizenship going, friends let me borrow their extra cits to build under. I’m extremely grateful for that!

So that’s why I posted about the one day sale! 30 dollars for one year – Who wouldn’t take that? hehe.

Extreme Builders Talent Show IV
A current contest running in AW is the EBTS4. It’s where anything goes! Go crazy in a 6×6 lot and build something that reflects what you’re capable of. It runs from December 28th to January 31st. I tell you, there’s nothing more annoying than staring at a lot and trying to figure out what to put in that spot!

I realized the world didn’t have a ground cover so it meant I could go below ground. An idea slowly emerged about a waterfall and some buildings and that’s what I got so far.

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