Daria ends. What’s next?

Written by: on Sunday, March 20th, 2011

I finally finished the last dvd of Daria. It’s amazing how much I don’t remember about the series. I remember Daria Morgendorffer having a crush on Trent Lane but I didn’t even remember Daria having a boyfriend, Tom Sloane, or that whole awkwardness that threatened her friendship with Jane even though he was originally Jane’s boyfriend. It was neat to re-watch the series and rediscover everything.

There was only one episode I fast-forwarded through. The musical. Somehow I remembered all the songs and annoying stuff. I hated that episode the first time it aired and I had to skip through that one.

I’ve been trying to think of what to watch next. I am so far from interested in watching Buffy. I can’t imagine sitting down to watch the whole thing. I can’t.  There were other series that I thought about watching, but the problem is I remember most of them. I’d feel the need to fast-forward if I already remember what was said and whatnot.  A good example is Earth 2.

I loved the series even though it lasted only one season. I saved four clippings that were about the show or actors on them. I remember them crashing onto the planet, discovering that there were convicts that had been sent there, weird robots and stuff that were after convicts, those strange ground-dwelling creatures with powers (Terrians), and on and on and on. I just remember too much of it that I don’t think I’d have fun watching it all over again.

Hmm… Gonna have to look through Netflix and see what else is sitting around. Maybe I can try Case Closed. I enjoyed that when Adult Swim aired it years back.

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