Nintendo DS – Monster Tale

Written by: on Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

So I got Monster Tale shortly after finding out about it. I thought Henry Hatsworth was a lot of fun and figured that Monster Tale would be the same with a ‘raising a pet’ twist to it. When the game starts, it’s about Ellie who wakes at night after hearing a sound. She investigates and finds a bracelet in the woods. After she puts it on, she finds herself in a world of monsters. She befriends a monster and names him Chomp.

As you kill monsters on top screen, toys and food and other items will fall to the bottom screen. So Chomp will either be on the bottom screen using the items or you can call him to the top screen to help you fight monsters. As he levels up, other forms will be unlocked.

I’m nearing the end and pretty much upgraded but sort of getting snagged at this ‘ambush’ scene where I keep dying. In order to save the game, you have to find a room with a hovering book. You can’t save on a whim (which is what I hated about Henry Hatsworth. The levels get longer and longer and when you die, you never save any progress.) So it’s a little tough because I can’t just save before I enter the room and try the ambush. I have to make my way back to that room and pray I don’t lose too many hearts in the process! My weapons are pretty much maxed out so I can’t make myself any stronger. Chomp’s forms are pretty much maxed too. hehe.

It’s a fun game. I’m just surprised I accomplished a lot already since Henry Hatsworth got really difficult very fast.

Update: That was fast. I passed the ambush scene and quickly found the book to save my progress. The next thing was the final battle – Priscilla. I’m not sure what went on there but I beat her lickety-split. I just kept firing at her and had Chomp throw boomerangs at her at the same time. She went down without really doing anything. Huh! but the game’s done with. The only thing that’s left me scratching my head (besides why she was too easy to beat) is after the credits rolled, it stated I cleared 83% of the game.

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