So you’re going to live forever…

Written by: on Monday, June 13th, 2011

The Daily Post asks: If you knew you were going to live forever, what would change?

Well, I’d lock myself in a basement and cry because the idea of living forever is an absolute nightmare. I don’t know what some people see about this immortality stuff. Then I’d have to face the idea of seeing family and friends die. I don’t think I could stick around family after generations and generations of children, living and dying, going through their own experiences. I don’t want to be some young-looking yoda giving advice to a great great great great great great nephew at some point in time.

What else would change… Well, I definitely would not have children. I can’t imagine being 1,000 years old and having fathered many children over all those years. I would be very close to the children and be incredibly sad to see them and their children and their children and their children, et all… pass away.

If this is only known to me:
Remembering “Death Becomes Her” movie, there was a rule where you could be out in public for about twenty years but after that, you have to disappear forever. I would have to worry about being too known so I might not make too much effort into doing anything at first.

If this was done to me and everyone knows:
I would probably learn lots of things. I get bored often so I wouldn’t be able to stick to one area for too long. I’d probably do one thing and then another and then another… wherever the wind takes me!

Then there’s different kinds of immortality. “It just means that it’s harder to kill you.” Is it just that my body is super efficient that it stays young and the organs don’t deteriorate over time but I can still break my neck from a fall? Or is it invincibility like “Tuck Everlasting” where you could put your hand in the fire to melt metal in your hand?

I think far far far down the road would be scary too. There’s articles about the moon drifting away over the years, articles where the sun is supposed to eventually expand really huge and boil the Earth. And then the ultimate end where the universe is left to infinite blackness after everything burnt out? and then still alive at the end of all that? …….

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