Frustrations with Activeworlds

Written by: on Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

I’m not sure what’s going on in Active Worlds anymore. I have kept my mouth shut because some people fear that negativity will ruin what’s left of AW. The place is a ghost town but when you get used to how few people there are, it gets even worse when fewer people come around. I also hate how it feels like the end of AW but when I get used to how things are, something always happens that makes it feel like the end all over again. After Flagg left, I’m sure a lot of people realized how much they took him for granted. After he disappeared, the human touch just went out the window.

I guess what finally prompted this post is that ‘shear/skew’ is suddenly restricted out of the blue and so my build I’ve been working on is pretty much at a standstill since a lot of objects rely on shear. I know I should be waiting in case AWI staff says something about this but what I’ve learned is that they really lack communication skills. It’ll probably be months before we hear of them fixing it – just like the v4 bot issue until they made v4 for everyone (temporarily, I believe). I know they’re also currently working on AW 5.2 but it doesn’t hurt to make a post here and there to keep us in the loop.

The funny thing about this… The ‘one day sale’ they had on December 31 extended my cit from August 2011 to August 2012. I probably should’ve used that $30 towards a DS game instead.

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  1. avatar RecindedCit says:

    I quit AW after 9 years as a 339*** series cit.
    People there getting unfriendly..

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