Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

Written by: on Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

I saw this game being sold on a local selling site and after reading all the positive reviews about it, I decided to get it and give it a try. The reviewers weren’t kidding. It’s been a bit fun so far but I think the game cheats like heck.

Most of the reviews say that the core of the game is similar to bejeweled (which I never played before). You make matches of 3 or more to clear them away. In Puzzle Quest, when you battle a monster, you take turns clearing away the board for new pieces to fall down. The colored gems add mana to your moves so that you can attack and cause damage. In the meanwhile, if you match up skulls, you can also do HP damage to your opponent.

I don’t have it down to a science just yet. I started out with a wizard character named Balithas and so far I just put all my points towards Fire Mastery since that seems to be what everyone says to do. I’ve been questing, doing things for my Queen while slowly meeting people like Syrus Darkhunter and Khalkus. I’m not sure how far along I am but my wizard is now level 18.

I’ve yet to explore everything. I somehow got a Rat as a mount and trained it up to level 5. I know there’s an option that says “Siege!” over a couple of cities I’ve been to. I also have to figure out what else my Citadel is capable of. While I haven’t completed the game, it’s been some fun so far – assuming the game doesn’t cheat too much. When you clear away 4 or 5, you get a free turn. I always clear away 3’s and when new pieces fall in, the opponent makes 4’s after 4’s after 4’s until their mana is all maxed out and then they start using a bunch of moves against me to debilitate me as much as they can. This is especially frustrating once I’ve whittled them down to a few HP left and they end up wiping me out with leaps and bounds.

I’m not sure I’ll repeat it with another character though.


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