This is the true story of six strangers picked to live in a cabin…

Written by: on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Looks like Camp NaNoWriMo‘s ‘cabin’ feature is happening. They say the bots are running so not everyone is in a cabin yet. I checked. Low and behold, I saw “Messageboard”. I visited and saw the others that I was put in a cabin with.

I crossed their names and novels out for privacy, of course. 🙂

It’s an interesting little feature. There doesn’t seem to be anything beyond what you see. You just make an update and it appears in your thought bubble. I guess the feature really plays on the ‘camp’ theme and how people got grouped into cabins. It appears they’re being really strict with the cabin feature. You’re stuck in a cabin that you’re put in and if you opt out, that’s it. You don’t get any other cabin.

My writing is going along. I met my daily 1,667 word goal yesterday and the day before It’s going slow today but I expect to reach the goal before the day is over.  I found my D&D dvd and popped that in so that it discourages me from watching tv – as funny as that sounds. The movie used to put me in a storytelling mood since it feels like an RPG but now I just glance over, watch a scene, and then I’m back to staring at Word. I don’t think I’m burning out yet. Just that it’s very hot here and I feel like doing nothing. I also don’t seem to dwell on the story. Normally if I’m away from Word, I just play with the scenes in my head and try to figure out something that’ll happen next or where they should go… This time around, I don’t focus on the story when I’m away from it. I only ever think about the story if I’m trying to make my goal for the day.

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