Would you ever get a tattoo?

Written by: on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

The Daily Post asks:
Would you ever get a tattoo? If you had one, what made you decide to get your first? If you don’t have one, why or why not would you ever consider getting one?

No, I would never consider getting one. I’m sure if I was standing in front of a tattoo shop, I might be tempted – some part of me just might burst out at the excitement of experiencing it – but the idea of a tattoo being permanent is just too unnerving for me. What’s also scary is how sometimes organizations or groups may adopt a tattoo to represent them and if you happen to have it… yikes. The tattoo removal process is also frightening so I wouldn’t want to go through it if I absolutely hated my tattoo after. I refuse to do one of those ‘cover-ups’ where they design a bigger tattoo over it to obscure/hide the original. Some of those cover-ups aren’t very well done.

So ultimately, no, I would never get a tattoo. I don’t see myself just deciding to get one with the ‘cons’ always pressing against it.

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