Aurian by Maggie Furey

Written by: on Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Title: Aurian
Author: Maggie Furey
Cover art: Steve Assel
ISBN: 0-553-56525-7
Back Cover:
To the city of Nexis, where Magefolk in their white-walled towers rule uneasily over a restive race of Mortals, a young girl comes to learn the magic arts. Aurian, a quicksilver swordswoman, has inherited the Earth-magic from her mother and Fire-magic from her father.

Unawakened within her lie far greater powers, coveted by the Archmage Miathan, who intends to possess her. But Aurian bravely flouts the Mages’ Code and takes a mortal lover.

Maddened by rage and jealousy, the corrupt Archmage schemes to destroy her, unleashing cataclysmic forces from a lost age. Aurian is the only Mage strong enough to oppose Miathan, but to do so she must take up forbidden weapons of long-lost magic, at grave peril of her own destruction… or the annihilation of her very world.

My thoughts:
I’m surprised I didn’t struggle to stay interested in this book. It’s interesting because I was told that stories need to follow a main character and it needs to be by his/her view through the whole journey. In this book, the point of view is through quite a few characters to get the story moving. There’s also a lot of thinking going on – which honestly kept reminding me over and over about how some role players can stretch one brief moment into four paragraphs of thoughts and movements and etc. It wasn’t much of a hassle in this book.

It’s slow to begin with, starting with Aurian’s childhood but then once she’s an adult, the action starts to happen. Then towards the last-half of the book, action and danger just keeps coming and coming.

The only thing that absolutely discouraged me was the last fifty pages of the book. The old fear came rushing back where you find out that stuff you created were already beaten to the punch by another author and now you’re left in a dilemma wondering if you should just keep using your creations or if you’re afraid someone else will think you took it from another author. To read it in this book was just… a big blow. Oh well.

The book didn’t bore me at all whatsoever so I will go straight to the next book and continue the adventure.

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