Harp of Winds by Maggie Furey

Written by: on Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Title: Harp of Winds
Author: Maggie Furey
Cover art: Steve Assel
ISBN: 0-553-56526-5
Back Cover:

Driven from the holy city of Nexis by the crazed Archmage Miathan, the flame-haired Lady Aurian has survived the deadly sandstorms of the South. But now, round with child and bereft of her magic powers, she and her beloved Anvar have set forth on the perilous journey back – bearing the incandescent Staff of Earth that may be the key to healing a world rent by cataclysm. Before them lies a land locked in the icy grip of eternal winter by Miathan’s powerful sorcery. Can they battle their way through and, fulfilling the destiny crafted for them centuries before, destroy the dark forces gathered there?

My thoughts:
I was almost intimidated by the “Index of Characters” at the beginning of the book. It’s the same thing as the first book, bouncing around from characters to characters, a lot of thinking going on, etc. It’s just there were so many characters that when Maggie Furey jumped to another set of characters, it took me a while to figure out who they were because I couldn’t recall them or figure out why we were reading about their struggles if the main plot going on is Aurian and Anvar.

Other than that, I didn’t hate it. I didn’t struggle to stay interested. I read through to the last page and the journey is going strong. I’m not sure whether to start on ‘The Sword of Flame’ or hold off until I get the fourth book, Dhiammara.

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