Painting Gingerbread Wood Cutouts

Written by: on Thursday, October 27th, 2011

It’s that time again. My father makes wood cutouts and I paint them. While I’ve painted various themed cutouts for them, my true passion is the Gingerbread Village for Christmas. It’s been slowly growing over the past years. I had completely forgotten about it until a catalog came in and my father asked me what patterns I wanted to try. I wasn’t sure because we are rather late in the year and I have plans of doing NaNoWriMo.

After discussing it a bit, I told him to order ‘Playful Gingerbread People’ (Five gingerbread folks doing random winter activities) and cut them out first so that I can try and get them out of the way since they’re the most detailed. The second pattern he ordered was the Flower Shop since it really wasn’t too detail-oriented and I could try to glide through that during November. The patterns finally arrived and he cut out three of the gingerbread folks so far.

Sand them.

Prime them.

Trace patterns on.

And then start painting…

Last year I made a video of the Gingerbread Village all set up in the front yard.

And for those wondering, the patterns can be ordered at: The Winfield Collection.

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