Damodar sunk his sword into your shoulder and…

Written by: on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Yeah, I’m still doing that ‘trick’ where I have the “Dungeons & Dragons” DVD playing so that I can’t slip into the whole ‘tv watching’ bit when I keep stalling out on my writing. With it playing in the background and the remote out of reach, I can’t go channel-surfing. Helps a lot in keeping me focused on Word. I couldn’t pick a better movie.

Lately I have been -watching- the movie when it should be deterring me from doing just that! When it got to the scene where Damodar sunk his sword into Ridley’s shoulder, puncturing whatever important organs he might need there, I couldn’t help but think that my story is kicking my butt in a similar fashion.

I absolutely dread my story. I don’t even know if I’ll reach the ending but I have promised myself that if Day 30 comes and I’m not near/on the ending, I’m just going to write up a quick summary of how it ends as long as I reach 50,000 words and just put it to rest. At least this story won’t pester me anymore.

I find myself missing my usual fantasy world that I like to romp around in. I miss my usual characters that are always getting into some kind of situation. This also makes me hesitate to pursue other story ideas that take place in other worlds too. I have a new story idea that I want to try for Camp NaNoWriMo (if they do end up hosting it next summer) but now I wonder if instead of some different world, if I should use that idea in my usual world. I don’t know…

Oh well… Seven more days to reach 50,000 words on this story.

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