Day 2 of NNWM 2011

Written by: on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Well, that was rather painful. I spent much longer today trying to meet today’s daily word goal. I kept opening word count to see how close I was before calling it quits for the day. I don’t understand how an idea that has pestered me for two years feels like trying to pick the meat off the remains of a Thanksgiving turkey that has been demolished by the family.

Maybe it’s because I feel little to no passion for the idea? Two years is a long time but I know that the idea will surface again and again if there’s no other story idea. Maybe I feel cornered because it’s a whole new fantasy world instead of using my favorite go-to fantasy world. I do need to get passionate about this idea and start cooking up some scenes, otherwise it’s going to get worse as the days go by.

Story-related pages I glanced at while trying to write:
Marten – Opted to use a weasel instead since I wasn’t sure if Marten was well known or not.
Deer Calls (youtube)
Sparrow Chirping (youtube)

Maybe I’ll have more luck tomorrow that it won’t take so long to meet the daily word goal.

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