Gingerbread Painting

Written by: on Friday, November 11th, 2011

Finally started on the Gingerbread Flower Shop and I expect this one to be a breeze. The other pieces still need a lot of detailing before I can start sealing them up for outdoor use.

My writing is going ‘quicker’ as in that it’s not taking me all day long to make it to the daily goal of 1,667 words. It’s taking lesser time to get there but I am very eager to close Word down once I reach the goal. hehe. My MC is at a point where he’s still very confused by what’s going on and I know it’s my fault because I’m still struggling to get the characters to share information that he doesn’t know yet – which I guess is considered a good thing when one of the tips is to not put everything out there right away but what I’m trying to explain is not something that plays a big part in the story. Just trying to explain the mechanism of something, I suppose. Eh. Oh well. I’ll get it figured out.

And here’s Gypsy demonstrating that she doesn’t give a flying fig on what I’m about to do.

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 19,155

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