Missed a day of NNWMing…

Written by: on Sunday, November 20th, 2011

I seem to be struggling with something for the past few days. It started with a slight itching in the back of the throat and then went away the next day but it kept coming back in other forms. Now my nose keeps being stuffy and I just want to sleep all the time. Yesterday was the worst with this heavy dull throbbing in my head. I decided to let the day pass with a word count of zero.

Then I found out that the NNWM calendar widget is broken. All my days are red! I found out this is a known bug so when it gets fixed, there’ll be one red day to mar my green calendar (so far…). I did the math and found out that I’d need to do a little more than 2,300+ words today to get caught up.

I hammered it out today and brought my word total to 33,349.

I guess I’m waffling on my story again. I’m back to hating it. This book actually makes me understand what other people are going through. My other two books, I just did a straight shot to the end. There’s nothing else that had to be said or done. Just a straight adventure. This book, I know that if I were to ever edit it, it’d have to be seriously edited! It has to be split into chapters and then totally rewritten. I have to add so many scenes to make characters more known, to make readers relate to them somehow, to put in animals that I keep forgetting about, and on and on and on.

As I write this story, I keep being disappointed in where I presented a small group of men with dragons. They’re supposed to be more prominent? Instead, I barely touched on one or two guys in the group that interact with my main character and I still haven’t even decided or named the dragons for all of them.

Do I regret choosing this story? No. It’s pestered me for a couple years now to write it. Writing a story that takes place in another world other than my beloved world has taught me a few things, especially with the urge to really have to describe how certain things work. I’m still not satisfied with how I explained how the ‘magic banks’ work. I keep explaining it over and over to a friend of mine and she still doesn’t understand so I’m clearly not explaining it well. That’s why I know more scenes have to be pushed into the book if I ever get around to editing it after NNWM 2011 is done with.

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