Struggling to get away.

Written by: on Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

I’m struggling to get away from this monster that’s hassling me for words! Words! He says I owe him words!

So bored of this story that I’ve been hammering out for NaNoWriMo. I seriously am. That’s what worries me. There’s no passion going into this story like the passion I had for last year’s story. I still have the notebook, still trying to jot down chicken scratches as I paint. I sit here and I don’t want to think about the story at all.

More and more, as I paint, I think of other things as I usually do and then I have to remind myself to focus on the story but a few seconds later, I’m already off on some other tangent because of something on tv or whatever.

Right now I have 332 words in Word. I expect to meet the goal before midnight. While I am sorely tempted to take a day off, I know it’ll lead to two days, three, four, and never write again for the rest of the month. I’m barely keeping my head up above the water as it is right now. According to my progress report, the most words I’ve written in one day so far is 1,859 back on the 4th.

I think this may be my last attempt to write about something going on in another world. I just keep thinking about my favorite characters in my usual fantasy world through this. Well, back to staring at Word and chicken scratches.

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