M&M’s tube toppers

Written by: on Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Looks like it’s that time of year again when you’re supposed to be full of cheer and generosity…

I pulled down this sad looking ‘Charlie Brown’ tree from the attic along with the many M&M’s tube toppers that I’ve been collecting over the years. It started with the family tradition of having M&M’s tubes in our stockings. The toppers would go on the tree after. Rinse and repeat. I realized how many there were that I decided to start looking for more toppers and managed to get enough for this little tree. A friend started sending me hers as well which was very kind of her! 🙂

I will admit that a tiny side of me is extremely ecstatic that M&M’s has finally gone back to the ornaments design for tube toppers this year. The train topper theme lasted for way too long (You can see some on the table there. I couldn’t fit all the train toppers on there.) and last year’s odd little plastic ball thingie? water-less snow globe possibly? was a huge disappointment. I only managed to get my hands on Red but Yellow was nowhere at all.

I am actually thinking of taking a picture of each design to show what I have and try to do a search for ornaments I am missing.

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