Sword of Flame by Maggie Furey

Written by: on Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Title: Sword of Flame
Author: Maggie Furey
Cover art: Steve Assel
ISBN: 0-553-56527-3
Back Cover:

The magnificent epic that Maggie Furey began in Aurian and continued in Harp of Winds soars to new heights of enchantment as Aurian and Anvar face unforeseen perils in their quest for a lost artifact of power…. Sword of Flame. At last the lovely Lady Aurian has regained her powers, and golden spring unlocks the iron bonds of a sorcerous winter. But still the corrupt Archmage Miathan’s curse follows her. And as she and her beloved soulmate, Anvar, quest northward toward the ravaged city of Nexis, they are pursued to the very gates of death by betrayal, madness, and forbidden spellcraft. Only by invoking the highest magic can they hope to find the Sword of Flame, last of the four great weapons fashioned eons ago. Only by awakening its might can they save a world newly threatened by a dark Mage as powerful as Miathan, and even more vicious…

So I thought…
I didn’t get bored or struggle through this book. That’s a good thing. But dang, the cast sure grows in number. There’s a lot of jumping around from character to character and there’s still that struggle to remember who is who unless I like the character to begin with.

I probably should’ve gotten my hands on the forth book, Dhiammara, because the ending of this book was so abrupt and left wiiiide open that you need to move on to the next book as soon as possible. It was quite a cliffhanger.

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