Year of Dragon & ABNA

Written by: on Monday, January 23rd, 2012

January 23, 2012 is when Year of Water Dragon starts! Supposed to be a good year for creativity.

Speaking of creativity, I saw on NaNoWriMo’s front page that they gave a shout-out to Amazon’s 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. I dropped by for a look and decided to submit. It appears all you need is your pitch, excerpt, and manuscript.

I decided to submit my story from 2010. I already know I won’t make it beyond the ‘pitch’ round. For 10,000 possible entries in two categories and only 2,000 will go on to round two? Phew. Reading the rules, it appears I won’t have a clue until the first round ends on February 21st.

I did a lot of reading through the forums and it appears that last year was quite a disaster, something about a war that broke out between the Vine reviewers and the ABNA participants.  I was also curious when a few said that activity on the forums this year seems slower than previous years. Ah, well… It was quite a learning experience to see how ABNA fared over the previous years and what I’m getting myself into – even though I’m pretty much approaching this with the attitude of returning the entry form to a 100 million dollar sweepstakes. You never hear back from those things so why fuss? hehe.

I did struggle briefly wondering if I should go with General Fiction or Young Adult Fiction. I never did really think about my story being YA but after finding out that if the main character is under eighteen, it seems it should be filed under YA. I wasn’t sure but decided to go ahead with it as YA.

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