Written by: on Friday, March 9th, 2012

Anyone ever used Wattpad?

A couple friends recommended that I use it to post stories since I didn’t seem to really like the idea of going the self-publishing route. I looked around the site to see what it was like and even hit Google to see what other people thought of it. So far it seems that there’s really no list to climb (A friend shared her experiences about Authonomy and I am far from interested in the whole “rate mine and I’ll rate yours!” scenario.).

After hedging around the idea since I registered back on the 27th, I finally caved in and decided to post the first three chapters to my story. I think if this goes well, I might post the whole shebang and maybe I can get advice/feedback on how to improve the story. I see it so well in my head but I really want to know if it’s going to get lost in someone else’s head.

It can be found here: Caspar and the Lunar Magic

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