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Written by: on Saturday, April 13th, 2013

I can’t believe how much the game has changed.

The one thing I hated about Perfect World was the requirement of being in a faction/squad in order to advance in the game at all. Dungeon runs required a group of people in order to defeat the boss at the end.

I’m not experienced at this game. Quite far from it, in fact. I’ve never spent a penny on this game and never got high level enough to run in big time dungeons to get rare items and lots of exp. The highest level, to date, is level 72, but it’s from all non-dungeon quests so all I can really speak about is the lower-level side of things.

Back in 2009, A friend convinced me to download PWI so that I could help him and his faction out because they needed a wizard and he knew I’d be interested in playing a wizard. I register and enter Dreamweaver server (and quickly learn what ‘wizards are squishy’ means). I remember it took forever to level up. Sometimes I’d complete all the quests that were available to me at that level and I’d have to grind to level up, which is where the ‘One Man Army’ quests came in. There used to be so many people all over the regions that I was often invited to join squads in the area because chances are that we were all trying to finish the same quest at the same time. “Got mine. How many more do you need? *kill kill kill* You’re welcome. Turning mine in. Good luck! *leaves squad*”.

The faction slowly died out over a period of several months and I lost interest in PWI, leaving my wizard to be level 50 or so. Come a year later, 2010, I discovered that another friend was playing the game. I told her about my wizard character. She got excited and told me to come in, that she was a member of a faction owned by her friends. Turns out they were on a different server, Heaven’s Tear, and I had to create a new wizard from scratch. Same situation. Lots of running around, leveling up, grinding, joining temporary squads to help each other, running FBs, etc.

Same story, the faction died out over a period of several months. Funny enough, this wizard was also in the 50’s when I lost interest.  When PW had an update to add Mystics and Seekers, I fell in love with my Mystic character and quickly leveled him up before I petered out of the game yet again. Sometimes I came back into the game to do a quest here and there. Then enter lucid chests and I started collecting those for the fruits to level up my characters. Over a long period of time and through the assistance of one person that popped online in the faction once in a while, this character eventually reached level 72 but then PWI had an update that rendered a lot of DQ items worthless and I lost interest… again.

But during that time period, I noticed fewer and fewer people come in anymore. Back in 2009/2010, when I entered with new characters, the welcome area was swamped with people who was trying to figure things out. 2011 and beyond, I don’t see a soul in those areas. About a week ago I decided to create a Mystic for the Dreamweaver server and possibly join a faction to see if I could get interested in the game again. In two days – just two days – my Mystic is already level 30+, and I have a long list of quests that are still waiting for me to complete them. It’s like the game is now geared towards getting us to a high level very quickly so that we’ll feel invested and spend money when things start to slow down. The only time I encounter other people is when I enter the cities. Out in the regions and small unknown villages, there’s no one around. I tried creating new characters on several PVE servers and it seems to be the same story everywhere.

All I ever hear about the game is stuff such as “Frostcovered City for quick leveling of new alts”, “R9 for weapons”, etc. It’s all high level stuff that I just don’t ever see myself experiencing. In fact, I’m still floored that I have one character that is level 72.

It’s strange to go from “There’s too many people around!” to “Hello?-lo?-lo?-lo? Anyone there?-ere?-ere?-ere?”

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  1. avatar Mutiny says:

    Been playing on dreamweaver since 2009 till 2012 or so. Had a bm named Mutiny.
    Hope you are doing well.


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