SyFy’s Beast Legends – Flop?

Written by: on Thursday, September 30th, 2010

I tuned in with a friend and we sat through Destination Truth. A quick summary: Ghosts of Truk Lagoon (Fun Underwater EVP!) and Japanese Kappa Monster. I think Destination Truth has developed a formula to draw us in with a ghost story and then get to a monster. I remember when it was just only monsters that they were tracking down but their ratings must’ve went up when they started including ghost hunts. Now they always start their episodes with a good ol’ ghost hunt.

I was expecting to see Beast Legends on after – since the schedule informed me that it would be about a Winged Lion. I know I didn’t say a thing about last week’s episode (Dakuwaqa – Shark God) but it didn’t interest me all that much. Imagine my surprise to see Ghost Hunters on. I visited SyFy’s site and discovered that Beast Legends already aired at one in the morning.

When did they announce the change? I visited the forums on SyFy and pretty much wasn’t surprised to see all the negative comments. I guess the show did end up flopping afterall. It looks like people were expecting a show where the cast would look for evidence or something to support mythological beasts. When it turned out to be a show where the cast were just making movie-monsters, it just made a lot of people lose interest after.

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