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Written by: on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

I didn’t expect to put much effort into playing my Earthguard Mystic in Perfect World but after talking to Melika and letting her know that I created a character and gave it a whirl, she logged in and then we were joined by a friend of her’s so we got a lot done.

Earthguard Meditation

I absolutely love the Devil Chihyu. He is incredibly helpful when attacking monsters. I also acquired Storm Mistress but haven’t done anything with her yet. And then I eventually got the kite to fly but it lasts for 3 days so… Gonna try to level up as much as I can.

Tree Resting


It was really odd. As I kept leveling up, the monsters were still complacent. They didn’t bother us or anything unless we made the first attack. I kept trying to remember if this was the same for when I chose to be a human wizard last year. I was pretty sure that as you leveled up, you had to deal with monsters attacking you when you got too close to them.

One thing that shocked me was that when we got around to level 20, we entered an area to do a quest but we were suddenly being attacked left and right. It was really intense and there were a lot of monsters in a small area. They were very aggressive and re-spawned fast! It just seems rather sudden to go from all complacent monsters to a mob that attacked you left and right when you’re too close to them all. It doesn’t seem to teach you to slowly ease in like I experienced with the human wizard character. For people who are playing for the first time, it might come as a shock to them when they’re used to monsters ignoring them and then suddenly being attacked by two or three monsters and fleeing only to run into more. hehe.

I’ve reached Archosaur so it’s back to all the boring quests I’ve done before.

Devil Chihyu Kites to Fly

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