Hurricane Irene paid a visit.

Written by: on Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Irene really threw us for a loop. We’ve been through storms like Bertha, Floyd, Fran, etc… Normally it’s the same story. Just a lot of wind, rain, and then we spend the next day raking up all the fallen branches and then pray the lights come back on later in the day.

We lost internet connection a little before midnight on Friday (26th). Hours later (27th) at 3:30 a.m., we lost power. Irene proceeded to beat us with gust after gust after gust… She snapped so many of our trees and one of them fell on our power lines. It continued all through the day and into the evening.

I made an entry on my “Plants” blog with photos and two videos.

Come Sunday morning was the usual trademarked ‘vibrant blue sky, void of any clouds’ after a hurricane passes through here.

The backyard and front yard was cleaned up on Sunday so that there was some resemblance of normalcy. It was to also make sure that the dogs don’t come across any snakes slithering around (In the picture is Chrissy, later in the day of 8/27 to go to the bathroom). There was a warning on the radio about snakes and snapping turtles coming out – as well as nutria. A great big laugh was had about that as soon as we heard it. They focused on nutria for a few seconds and said it was some big ‘rat or beaver-looking’ thing and how they’re very disillusioned right now and might hide in shrubs. If spotted, expect it to be very aggressive so keep your distance.

The tree-cutting guys came Monday at noon and cut down the tree that was resting on the wires to relieve stress to the house. As for all the fallen trees, they’re still sitting around. I have no idea what’s going to be done about that. All those fallen trees at the side of the yard actually belong to someone else (there’s a dirt road that runs between the trees). It’ll be weird once the trees are cleared out. It’ll mean that we can see the neighbors on the other side of this dirt road.

All through that, I couldn’t even try to write anything. After the realization that the damage was more severe and then how hot everything was, especially after all that rain and we couldn’t stop sweating while trying to clean stuff up or even just loafing around (sleep was impossible)… not gonna happen. No writing. I have absolutely failed to meet my goal of Camp NaNoWriMo because I am not interested in writing in the very least, at all, whatsoever…

This was definitely a new experience.

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