Happy Halloween!

Written by: on Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Happy, Happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. Happy, Happy Halloween. Silver Shamrock!

I remember the first time seeing this movie back in the 80’s. After Halloween 1 and 2, I was wondering what the point of this movie was since Michael Myers was nowhere to be mentioned. Seeing this movie on tv today, I finally took a peek at the wikipedia article for it (Halloween III: Season of the Witch). I guess they were trying to do it so that every Halloween movie had its own storyline. After the movie pretty much bombed, they went back to Michael Myers storyline.

One critic twenty years later suggests that if Halloween III was not part of the Halloween series, then it would simply be “a fairly nondescript eighties horror flick, no worse and no better than many others”

That I would have to agree with. I think if “Season of the Witch” was standalone, it wouldn’t have gotten that many negative reviews. It just got harsh backlash after following the first two Halloween movies.

Eh. Oh well. Happy Halloween! Check your candy very carefully. Bwahahahahaha!

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