Guild Wars

Written by: on Friday, January 28th, 2011

Well, Melika finally convinced me to try the free trial of Guild Wars. She and her friends used to play Perfect World last year before they lost interest (Sound familiar to another friend? Yeah, I’m looking at you.) but their attention turned to Guild Wars 2, a game that hasn’t come out yet.

I wasn’t interested in trying Guild Wars since it was going to end up costing money after the trial runs out but I figure that since we liked Perfect World at one time, that maybe this wouldn’t be so bad to try. My very first impression of Guild Wars was… I hated it. Horribly. I was going to use up the rest of the trial before saying anything but now I’m down to around three hours left. At first I had no clue what I was doing. We ran around for a bit trying to do a few quests.

The next day, I went back in with a clear mind and did a whole bunch of quests despite the fact that I keep dying a lot. For some reason, my energy to cast the spells gets depleted pretty quickly and then after I finally kill one monster, I got three or four others pounding away on me while my energy is almost nil. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong there but anyways…

What really drives me up the wall is that I can’t jump. I keep trying to jump whenever I get stuck. It also bugs the heck out of me that I can’t climb up or down hills/ledges or swim through water to save time. I have to take the long way around to get anywhere. Incredibly annoying. This is how I get cornered a lot too.

The graphics are downright beautiful though.

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