Selling off GBA & Games

Written by: on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

It’s tough. I own a Nintendo Game Boy Advance (Well, two of ’em but one is in cruddy condition) as well as a few GBA games. I keep trying to convince myself to post them on the local selling site to make some money before they become practically useless. DS and DS lite has the GBA slot so GBA games were still useful to have. Now that they’ve moved on to DSi and 3DS, I suppose I oughta start listing the games and get some money back. It’s just whenever I start to approach the idea of actually listing them, I kinda shy back even though I haven’t popped the games in to play since… probably a year now. I know it’s the pack rat in me so I just gotta cage it and get this stuff pushed out of the house. It could be money put towards the 3DS but a big part of me wants to wait for the next DS twist since I got the DSi XL back on Christmas.

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