Written by: on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Sometimes technology can be a pain in the butt, especially when older stuff just stops working. I have a friend who suffers with having to figure out how to keep word documents updated over the many years as new programs are created and older stuff just stops working or comes out as gibberish. In my situation, I had to hunt down a bunch of mess to get ‘Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now’ to work again.

I still think it’s an awesome game after all this time. I remember getting this back in 1999. I couldn’t figure out how to use cheats so I was forced to play the game as it was. It was really awesome to complete it on my own. Once I figured out how to use cheats, the game was fun all over again with random stuff to try. I just loved how if you got bored of racing, you could explore. I often explored and hunted down my opponents in order to complete races.

I never got a chance to play the first Carmageddon. I did later on get Carmageddon TDR 2000 because I was expecting it to be more awesome. It was “okay”, I guess. I thought doing missions in the game was pretty annoying, especially when you had to maneuver yourself into certain areas. Though when I felt the urge to play the game again, I only ever bothered with playing Carmageddon 2 more often than 3.

It’s too bad Carmageddon 4 never made it to the shelves. I most likely would’ve bought that game too.

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