Written by: on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

My favorite Disney film is Aladdin. My favorite character was Genie. Carpet came in very close at second. When I found out about Aladin from Eros Entertainment with Amitabh Bachchan as ‘Genius’, I decided I wanted to see it. It sat in my Netflix queue for a long time before it finally came out on DVD on yesterday. I got the DVD, sat down to watch and the gist is this:

Aladin is tormented in school for having a known name. The kids just endlessly torture him about it. The usual love story comes in where he just has to have Jasmine. Then the lamp comes into his possession.


I don’t know what else to call it. The “Eros” logo slowly appears in the top left and that’s when you know a music video is about to start. After it ends, the logo fades away. I made it through the first few but there was one where the video ended and Aladin ran away at the end. He stops on the steps to catch his breath… the logo re-appeared again and the next video started and I had enough. I had to fast-forward through every music segment after that.

The only reason I made it through this movie was because I had to see where they were going with the whole comet thing as well as the Ringmaster and his band of creepy freaks. I’m glad I stuck it out because the ending of the movie got a lot more interesting.

But this makes me wonder if it was the animated series of Aladdin that I fell in love with and not the movie. Hmm…

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