How do you decide who to be friends with?

Written by: on Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

(Question from The Daily Post)
Easy. They have to do whatever I say.

Actually I chalk it up to ‘pure dumb luck’. When you meet people, there’s always that ‘first impression’ where you can’t help but think, “Oh, she seems friendly. He seems nice.” Then as time passes and you meet each other again and again, either through gatherings or visiting a public place, etc… It just develops.

Then inevitably you’ll find yourself having a deep conversation with them at some point. You’ll find out what makes them tick and that often helps you decide that they’d make a good friend to have or if you should avoid them in case they talk about anything that you just don’t agree with.

I’ve met some pretty opinionated people and I never seem to stick around them. It’s just too much for me if I have to keep listening to why they’re always right and why my views and interests are wrong, wrong, wrong. It doesn’t end there because they tend to keep talking and sending stuff to ‘convert’ you.

But it doesn’t help that I’m shy. I never really know what to say so the moment tends to pass… hehe. What helps is the setting. If you’re always crossing paths, you’ll get to know each other better in the end and a good friendship will form if you click together.

Bonus: What defines the difference between a good friendship vs a close one?
Length of time? I guess that’s not entirely true. I’ve reconnected with some friends I knew from school but with how much time has passed, it’s more of a “I knew that person!” rather than “My good close friend.”

A good friend will mail you a pressed penny from a location near them while a close friend will be sitting next to you in jail saying, “I guess we shouldn’t have stolen that penny machine for fun.”

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