Working on the book.

Written by: on Friday, May 27th, 2011

Around last Saturday, I decided that I had to finally confront the whole thing with CreateSpace. The codes they gave to NaNoWriMo 2010 winners expires at the end of June and after I read a couple threads on CreateSpace’s forums, I discovered that some people had their book rejected several times over because it wasn’t formatted right. So this lit a fire under me that I shouldn’t wait till the absolute last second to tackle it.

The whole week has been a headache. To minimize on the chance that Createspace may reject my book, I downloaded one of their templates for the book size. I popped in the text, put in title pages, dedication, copyright, split up the chapters on appropriate pages, proofread to make sure there weren’t any glaring errors etc. Then there was that whole page numbering disaster. Microsoft Works Word Processor is HORRIBLE. I tried OpenOffice but I wasn’t having much luck with that – but I did save it because I saw that it could export to PDF. I dug up my old Word 2000 and got it all banged out in there. I finally figured out how to make Chapter 1 start as page 1 and to make the earlier pages NOT have any numbers. That was annoying.

It was really neat to export it to PDF and then to look through it to make sure all the chapters were where they were supposed to be. Then I started playing on CreateSpace’s cover creator. So far I like what I’ve got. One part of me wants to find a completely new image but another part of me says that I’m not selling this book so it doesn’t matter what’s on the cover so I might as well use what CS is offering. My wizards do not use wands so I tried to get most of the wand ‘hidden’ by having it placed on the back.

I hate to admit it but… I think I have another idea bubbling up about what to write for this year’s NNWM. It was an idea I had for last year’s NNWM before this story won out. Now this other idea is back with a vengeance.

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