What would it take to get you to move?

Written by: on Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

The Daily Post asks:
What would it take to get you to move? If someone you trusted offered you $1000 to move to a different city, would that be enough? More? Or would you need other things (the promise of friends or better weather?) What would they need to offer you before you’d instantly say yes? Or if you already want to move, what would it take to get you to stay?

A thousand dollars seems rather meager. I’ve been wanting to move because it gets hotter here every summer. The vegetable gardens have stopped thriving. I even tried semi-sun/shade arrangement and the plants still flopped over from the insane humidity. That’s another thing! We’re in a severe drought and yet there’s still insane humidity here!

I miss the old days of when we first moved into this house. I’d water the cucumbers and yellow squash and there’d be so many of them that we couldn’t eat them faster than the plants were producing. I’m still struggling with the tomatoes as the regular varieties don’t seem to care about producing but they sure do grow into big plants in the meanwhile. Nowadays I’m lucky if anything grows before the heat picks up and they’re pretty much stressed before dying out mid-summer.

What would get me to move? Guaranteed privacy. I can’t live in a city. I grew up on base housing where 4 to 8 families were squished into one building. No yard to call your own and everything was public (which made it tons easy to play games like tag and hide-and-seek, I’ll admit). I also don’t want to live in a neighborhood where houses are all built neatly and when you step out into your backyard, you can see into the 5 other backyards pressing up against your own.

Right now I live in a house where woods surround the backyard and my closest neighbors are spread out quite a bit and divided by ditches and/or trees. I love it here – except for the weather. I’d like to move up north a bit but I hear it’s been much hotter up north than it has been down here so I guess I just can’t win. There’s also a gas station at the end of the road. I used to walk to it just to get soda from the fountain since it tasted much better than bottled and canned soda.

To make me move, it’d have to guarantee privacy and nicer weather in which a vegetable garden can thrive and help save money with groceries.

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