What would you like 200 more of?

Written by: on Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

The Daily Post asks:
In honor of reaching topic #200, what in your life would want to have 200 more of? Some people say they want to live longer, but would you really want to live for another 200 years? Others claim they want to be smarter, but how would you get along with your friends if you were 200 times smarter than they are (assuming that’s not already the case)? Perhaps you’d like a new car, but would could you possibly do with 200 more of them?

I almost said 200 wishes but seeing as how it’s asking ‘more of’ and I have no magical wishes at the moment, 200 more of nothing is not helpful. I do not want to live longer than I have to and I don’t want to be insanely smart.

I’ll take the more predictable route and say that I want 200 more of my written books. I wrote one during NaNoWriMo 2010 and to have 200 more books materialize that I would’ve written on my fantasy worlds is a truly exciting idea. All those books sitting around, I imagine it’d be real neat to read them all and be happy that it’s all put down on paper. Then I’d start writing my 202nd book.

The more and more August approaches, I’m starting to think that maybe I should participate in Camp NaNoWriMo. They’re doing their official run in August and my muses have been kicking my butt about writing a sequel to ‘Caspar and the Lunar Magic’. I have a story in mind for November which is totally unrelated but I guess my mind isn’t done playing with CatLM right now. I still keep tinkering with the idea of creators returning to the world to handle another problem that’s unfolding. I think I want to tackle this and have a second book written.

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