Happy Halloween!

Written by: on Monday, October 31st, 2011

Carve your pumpkins yet? Got your costumes picked out? Hope so. Halloween’s here. Heh! I haven’t gotten into watching any horror movies though… but does “The Walking Dead” count? I couldn’t wait for the second season but is it me or is it moving awfully slow? I wish they’d find Sophia and get back on the road. Everyone’s doing an awful lot of whining so far. Anyhow…


Took this picture yesterday after I got everything covered with one coat. I got the second coat on and then remembered that the brown paint tends to be finicky and requires a third coat in certain areas. It won’t be long before I get these three outlined and sealed and I can move on to the next couple bits. It turns out that there’s seven more pieces backed up, possibly one more.

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