Writing Non-Fantasy?

Written by: on Thursday, October 20th, 2011

There were all these people living on Earth… and then a wizard showed up! What? No wizard? Darn.

After talking with a friend, I realized that the only thing I write is fantasy. Everything I write just drips with fantasy. You can feel waves of fantasy coming off any story I write. I forced myself to sit back and ponder the idea of actually trying to conquer a story that takes place in the real world. I did have one idea that popped up but there was no way to pull that plot off without some sort of paranormal/fantasy scheme behind it.

I don’t think I could actually hammer out a story that takes place in the real world without any kind of interference from the fantasy side of things. If I tried, I bet the end of the first chapter will have some wizard popping in to make conflict.

NNWM is coming in fast with less than two weeks to go. I already have an idea of what story to write for next year’s Camp NNWM if they plan to host it again for July/August. If they’re doing it two months, I may be tempted to try a “real world scenario” for August to really challenge myself. I suppose. I don’t know.

… and then a wizard showed up!

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