Balancing Act

Written by: on Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

I’m dancing as fast as I can and producing few results. It feels like I’m not moving at a good pace with the gingerbread folks so I set up another table in the den – Oh, I’m sorry. The ‘room-that-catches-all’ – so that I can get some more pieces primed and try to get it all traced out.

I seem to have hit into a tiny snag where I can’t remember if the white icing are outlined or not. I use these ‘paint’ pens so that I can outline the pieces. The ‘icing’ squiggles are pretty small and the paint pens are still too big even though they’re “fine” point. I’ll have to hunt up the older pieces to see what I did, if I let them go solo or had some sort of black lines around them.

That’s one thing about a year of non-painting. I tend to forget all the little tricks that made it easier and have to re-learn it all over again. I’ve painted myself into ‘mini-corners’ and had to wait for the paint to dry before I could resume.

On the NNWM side, I hate my story. I admit it. I hate it. I don’t feel any passion for the story but I am beyond stubborn right now. I can’t let the story drop because I want to see this one to the end. I just know there’s a big adventure waiting to be told. I’m hoping that I’ll eventually hit into a scene that’ll cause inspiration to explode so that my fingers can’t keep up with it. Until then I’m worried about all the time I’m taking just to meet the daily word goal.

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