Written by: on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Fantasy Gathering: Caspar and the Lunar MagicFinally cracked the slab of marble. I decided the best way to tackle the editing was that I’d rewrite it from scratch. My friend told me the original book was fine the way it was but I guess I just felt like the only way I could possibly edit this book was to start from scratch instead of trying to tinker with what I’ve already written.

Instead of reading what I wrote, I just pretty much rewrote Thomas’ arrival and Calvin’s arrival from memory. Thomas’ arrival was pretty much the same as I originally wrote it but Calvin’s arrival ended up with more details about where he was taken to. Then there was the introduction of a new character where I’d like to see how far I can take her, if she has a place in the story. Now I’m having second thoughts about how a character was taken out mid-way through the book and see if I can keep him around to the end.

This rewriting is getting to be weird, I gotta say. When I wrote this story in November 2010, I felt pretty good about it. Every book I read after, I tried to notice how their stories were written. That caused me to go back to my story and realize that I didn’t really put a lot of information into the scenes. With the rewrite, I’m hoping to really put a lot of details and information into the story so that maybe the characters can spring to life.

Well, I’m off to chisel this marble slab into something decent.

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